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Foshan Open—A Green Tournament
2018-10-09 10:33:55

As an annual sporting event of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the European Challenge Tour-Foshan Open has been practicing the green philosophy of environmental protection and sustainable development. 

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Tournament Venue—Forerunner of GEO Certified Club

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In as early as 2013, the Foshan Golf Club, venue of the Foshan Open, passed the assessment in aspect of landscape & ecology, product & supply chain, water, environment, energy & resources, and community, which made it one of the two golf clubs that achieved GEO certification in China. 

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Started with the GEO certification, the Foshan Open positions itself as a green event. In every year of the tournament, players are suggested to use refillable water bottles, and take shuttle bus departs from hotel. Gas water heaters in the clubhouse locker rooms were replaced by hot water system. Besides, advanced humidity meters and efficient, light-sensitive irrigation systems were used in course maintenance, with irrigation water mainly coming from lakes and ponds inside the Canton First Estate. In addition, most of the tournament materials are reused, and sorting garbage bins are set on the venue. To reduce the use of fossil fuel, we use electric shuttle instead of mobile generators. Also, e-tickets through Wechat were launched to reduce printing. Furthermore, recycled paper and organic materials in Media Center. All these measures demonstrate the event’s ecological concern of nature and its consistent advocacy of environmental protection. 

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In 2016, the Foshan Golf Club achieved GEO certification again. Micah Woods, Verifier of GEO, said: “I am surprised by the course maintenance and operation of the Club. I believe that the Foshan Open will be a great success and a model of green tournament! ”

Green Programs—Lead the Charge


During the first Foshan Open in 2013, the tournament committee organized Green Drive Pro—Am Tournament, revealing the idea of environmental protection. 


In 2014, together with Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service (GIVES), New World China held an activity of Bicycle Riding in Canton, arousing concern for people in need and the earth we live. Foreign friends and their families rode through the Guangfo Shinkansen to the Foshan Open. 


In 2015, following renowned events such as Ryder Cup and The Open, the Foshan Open joined the Green Drive project to promote green golf tournament. We specially invited Jonathan Smith, CEO of Golf Environment Organization, to explain the concept to friends of the press and spectators. Also, souvenirs like the Green Passport were handed out, expecting understanding and support from more people. 

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In 2016, for people to enjoy the beautiful nature of Canton First Estate, the tournament committee organized the 5km Canton Green Walk, which combines golf with fitness, charity and environment, inviting people from all walks of life to experience the harmony between nature and human. 


With the theme of “Love Life, Love Golf”, in 2017, the activity—Canton Golf Nature Experience was born, encouraging the public to take a walk in Canton First Estate, get closer to nature and enjoy the green life with golf. 


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This year the Foshan Open is continuing with “Love Life, Love Golf”. In line with the theme, New World Golf FunDay, which is interwoven with golf, family, environmental protection and internationalization, will be staged during the tournament weekend. Hope the spectators will enjoy the green adventure and the healthy lifestyle.


In this October, come to the Foshan Open and join the green journey with us!