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Foshan Open Letter Code Part 2
2018-10-06 10:28:04

Not enough with A-M letter codes of the Foshan Open? Now let's keep going with N-Z!


N - National Team

a s

Every year, many players of the Chinese National Golf Team compete in the Foshan Open. In 2015, three professional caddies came to serve Zhang Xinjun, Dou Zecheng and Zhang Jin. 


O - October

The tournament takes place in October every year. This year from October 18th to 21st, make sure you come to the 2018 Foshan Open. 



P - Palmer

f g

Leading by one stroke on 13-under-par after three rounds of 65, 69, 69, Jason Palmer of England kept up the pressure in the final with another impressive 69 and won the championship of the Foshan Open 2014. It was Palmer’s first season on the European Challenge Tour and his first victory as a professional. Sidelined by a wrist injury in 2016, Palmer returned to the Foshan Open to caddie for his friend Ford.


Q - Qualification heat

Since the tournament first kicked off in 2013, the tournament committee organizes Foshan Open Qualifier every year, enabling more junior and amateur golfers to compete with professional both at home and abroad. Cooperated with Guangdong Golf Association, Guangdong Junior Golf Open and Foshan Open Qualifier has been held since 2015 and with the support of Guangdong Golf Club General Managers Conference, the Southern China Golf Club Members Ranking Tournament since 2016. In June 2018, the Greater Bay Pro Tournament hosted by Guangdong Sports Bureau was undertaken. 

h j



R - Ranking


The champion of the Foshan Open will get an attractive 14 World Ranking Points.


S - Spanish 

Two Spanish golfers have won the Foshan Open championship in the past five years. In the Foshan Open 2013, Nacho Elvira, with a nerve-tingling putt of 12 feet at the final hole, achieved the first win of his career. In 2015, the 21-year-old Borja Virto played the final hole flawlessly finishing with a birdie and a two strokes victory.

m n


T - Trophy 


The Foshan Open trophy — the Canton Cup is made by a famous Chinese Master Artist Mei. The body of the trophy consists of white, yellow and black waves of water, which gently support the single golf ball on top. It not only stands for the players who are from all over the world, but also means golf, as a tie, to bring the international elements to Foshan traditional culture. 


U - Upgrade 

The Foshan Open tournament committee endeavors to create the best experience for all participants. In 2014, the experience zone was established and donations were given to Foshan Red Cross Hospital School. In 2015, mascots and green passports campaign were launched. Since 2016, Pro-Junior Tournament has been initiated and 5km Canton Green Walk was popular among the spectators. In 2017, Chinese golfers Chen Zihao and Janet Lin were invited to be ambassadors of the tournament. In 2018, Beat the Pro, Inside the Ropes, New World Golf FunDay are expected to ratchet up the tournament further. Every year we aim to get our tournament better and better.

b v



V - Volunteer 

c x

Volunteers are recruited each year for the Foshan Open. With basic grasp of golf and English, college students, junior golfers, Foshan Golf Club Members and house owners of Canton First Estate will be selected and trained for the event. 


W - Welsh

It was the third time for the Welshman Oliver Farr to participate in the Foshan Open. Being the only one to card under 70 in each round, he finally made it in 2017 and won his card to European Tour along with 80,000 US dollars as the prize money. 

Z q


X - X-Factor


Who will be the champion this year and go to the greater stage? Will Chinese players win the title? The Foshan Open is full of X-factors. This October, we invite you to Foshan Golf Club in Canton First Estate. Let us witness the important moments together!


Y - Youth

Foshan Open is also a stage for junior players in China. Innovative approaches have been launched, such as the Pro-Junior Tournament since 2016, Beat the Pro, and Inside the Ropes this year.

e r


Z - Zhang Huilin

In Foshan Open 2015 and 2017, Zhang Huilin won the Best Chinese Player award. Leading the second round, he set the record—the first time for Chinese player to take the lead after 36 holes during the European Challenge Tour.