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K11 Together with Foshan Open, Sparkle between Art and Golf
2017-11-14 08:48:26

The Ambassador of the 2017 Foshan Open Lin Xiyu came to experience the artistic atmosphere of K11.

It was noticeable that spectators were all attracted by the logo assembled by colorful golf balls at the ticket entrance of the Canton First Estate and took photos before the huge display panels when they came for the final round of the 2017 Foshan Open-European Challenge Tour & China Tour. Filled with the aura of art, the venue imbued everyone with the brand spirit of the partner of the Foshan Open-K11.

European Challenge Tour players took photos with the K11 background plate

As it is known to all that the Foshan Open is presented by the New World China Land and has been one of the most prestigious sporting event of South China that held at the Canton First Estate for 5 years consecutively. Being the first high-end brand owned by the New World China Land, K11 advocates natural and healthy lifestyle out of the core concept of art, humanity and nature as well. People will appreciate the sparkle of different types of art, fashion, culture and nature elements at the soon-to-open K11 shopping art center in Guangzhou, where unexpected art exhibitions and activities will considerably enrich the shopping experience of the customers. The joining of K11 in the Foshan Open this year exposed thoroughly the charm of the mixture of art and golf.

Massage from K11 when speaking of the reason of working with the Foshan Open, “People can always get inspiration and enjoy the happy moments with friends and families in nature. Golf is more than a sport but also a social platform through which consumers understand better about K11. On the one hand, the brand exposure will be enlarged through the Foshan Open and K11 can reach more potential groups thereby. On the other hand, interaction will be promoted when consumers and partners experience the atmosphere of this international event. People in the 25-38 age group that K11 targets at are usually well-educated and with working experience and a promising financial ability while pursuing a natural and healthy lifestyle. We will work even closer with the Foshan Golf Club in the future and offer more opportunities for the users of the K11 Atelier Office Building and partners as well as loyal consumers to experience golf, such as Golf Course and Green Experiential Day, and most of all the perfect combination of golf, nature and art.

The boldness, originality, vitality and peculiarity of K11 brought different color to the Foshan Open. Echoed with the theme “Love Life, Love Golf”, the connection between art, human and nature has always been the focus and the ideas of high-tech and environmental protection are injected in every link and detail. Sailing with the Foshan Open, the philosophy of “Having fun in art.” has reached more places and people enjoy the art in golf along with the golf in art.

Winner of the 2017 Foshan Open Oliver Farr and Mr. Zou from Guangzhou K11