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Lin and Chen Become the Brand Ambassadors of 2017 Foshan Open
2017-05-25 23:48:53

On May 4th, the Organizing Committee of 2017 European Challenge Tour-Foshan Open announces that Janet Lin and Chen Zihao will be the brand ambassadors of Foshan Open. Lin, female Chinese Olympic athlete, and Chen, Best Chinese Player of2016 Foshan Open, are both from the Guangdong Province of China. Keith Hardman,member of the 2017 European Challenge Tour – Foshan Open and General Manager ofthe Foshan Golf Club, is delighted at the new. “Thanks to Janet Lin and ChenZihao, I'm sure that the Annual Foshan Open will be better promoted and known to more people”. Says he, “And more people will know of golf and love golf through the Foshan Open.”


In the past 4 years, Foshan Open has become an important part of the whole Challenge Tour. With an award worthy of $0.5 million, the Foshan Open has been listed into one of the competitions with the highest award. Many players, both inside and outside of China, make full preparations for the tour. With excellent performance in the stage of ChallengeTour, many players achieve the pass card to the European Challenge Tour, and therefore, compete with the best golf players from all over the world.

The brand ambassador Chen himself couldfully explain how wonderful the Foshan Open is, as he has participated in the annual competition for 3 times. He comes from Zhuhai, Guangdong, and he enjoys himself very much in the event. Particularly, his performance in the last year was very impressive: he attained the 6th place and broke the ranking record that Chinese golf players had made in the Foshan Open. He therefore became the youngest winner of “Best Chinese Player” in the event. At present,Chen is dedicated to the international arena. Delighted to be the brand ambassador, he utters that “The Foshan Open is getting increasingly wonderful,and I’m great honored to be involved in it. I'll spare no efforts to acquaint more people with the event. Wish this year's Foshan Open every success!


21-year-old Lin is ranked top 80thin the world, and top 2 in China. She is active in the LPGA Tour, a series of golf tournaments for elite female golfers from around the world. So far, she has achieved victory twice in the European Tour. On behalf of China in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Guangdong girl amazed the world with a hole-in-one inthe third round. She then became the first female golf player who had accomplished the hole-in-one in the Olympics. She mentions that she has closely followed the Foshan Open, “My families and friends will watch it on site, and I'll follow it as well, because I'm so impressed by the players. I'm delighted to bethe brand ambassador of the Foshan Open, and I'll do best to promote the event and acquaint more people with Foshan and Guangdong Province. Besides, I hope that more people, especially women, would know more about golf and fall in love with the sport”.


As a Chinese saying goes, “3 years bring small changes, and 5 years, big changes, while 10 years, great changes”. We have witnessed big progress the Foshan Open has made in the past 4 years. Thanks to the two brand ambassadors, the 2017 Foshan Open is sure to gain an unprecedented reputation on October, and the event will be exceptionally exciting.

The 2017 European Challenge Tour –Foshan Open is one of the most prominent events in south China, with a total award worthy of $ 0.5 million. The Foshan Open is organized by the Multi-BallGames Administrative Center of State Sports of China, co-sanctioned by the European Challenge Tour and China Golf Association, co-organized by the Guangdong Golf Association, sponsored by the New World China Land Ltd.,undertaken by the Foshan Golf Club, and supported by Foshan municipal government and Nanhai District Government. Starting from 2013, Foshan Golf Clubis the site of European Challenge Tour Foshan Open and has signed a ten-year event memo. This event is organized by the European Challenge Tour and is certified by the China Golf Association. Foshan Open helps promote the golf culture and introduce modern Cantonese culture to the world. Meanwhile, FoshanGolf Club will grow to become an international tournament golf course through this ten-year Foshan Open.

The success of the Foshan Open is attritubed to the support of sponsors and the public. The New World China Land Limited, main sponsor of the competition, is the flagship Mainland China property arm of Hong Kong-listed New World Development Company Limited, and one of the largest property developers in Mainland China.

This year, activities like Green Walk and Cultural and Industry Symposium will be continued during the course of Foshan Open. Besides,new theme – “Love Life, Love Golf”- will be promoted, so as to acquaint more people with golf and get golf into life.