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Do you know seven Golfing Myths?
2017-05-25 18:16:04

Are you worried about starting golf

because it will cost too much?

Do you assume it takes too long to play?

Does it conjure up the image of a stuffy, old-fashioned game?

It is time to rethink all those golfing myths that might be holding you back from taking up the game. Here are some of the most common myths about golf and the truth about what really happens to change your perception

Myth 1#

Golf takes all day to play

Golf can take no longer than any other hobby or pastime and there are quicker ways to play the game that fit in with busy lifestyles in which two hours is now the span for most leisure activities such as going to the cinema, dinning out, playing tennis, room escaping, going to the gym. Don't let time constraints put you off playing golf, nine holes is fine as less really does mean more.

Myth 2#

Golf is a stuffy game

Golf is changing – with a new wave of players, fans, locations and playing formats, however many people still think its stuck in the victorian age when men had to wear a jacket and tie and ladies could only play on selected days and time and were not allowed full access to the club. This is not what you'll find in today's modern golf clubs.

Myth 3#

Golf is a game for men

Golf is a game for all. Unlike any other sport, golf'sunique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together.  There are some great women players even in China such as Feng Shanshan who won Bronze in 2016 Olympics.

Myth 4#

Golf is an expensive game

Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like. There are playing options, equipment and clothing to suit every budget.

Myth 5#

You need a set of golf clubs to get started

You don't need equipment to get started because Golf Clinic from Golf into Life Campaign released by Foshan Open will provide you with clubs. You just need to turn up wearing comfortable, casual clothes and trainers. Many golf clubs will rent you a set of clubs.


Myth 6#

Golf won’t keep you fit

Golf can help keep you active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer. You can walk around 4-5 miles in the average game of golf, burn at least 900 calories and will take you more than 10,000 steps and you will easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercisea week recommended by the NHS to keep healthy.

( All photos are from wedsite and Source from getintogolf.org)